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  1. “Every 40 seconds someone dies by suicide; every 41 seconds there’s family that’s left asking ‘why.’"
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  4. 1. Scuba Diving at Dutch Springs,  Hanoverville Road, Bethlehem PA, 18020
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Students of NCC were warmly welcomed by the ESU students and the advisor.

Inside Scoop on NCC’s Laconic members’ visit to ESU

On Oct. 20, 2014, an event took place at the Lower Dansbury building of East Stroudsburg University (ESU), coordinated by Regan Hoerl, Editor-in-Chief of ESU’s “Calliope,” and Northampton Community College’s (NCC) Laconic magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, Nathan Decker. Nine members of The Laconic staff separated into two groups and visited ESU on…

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Ferguson protests in NYC

On Monday, Nov. 24, a Missouri grand jury decided that the officer involved in the shooting of a young black male in Ferguson, MO would not be indicted over the killing. The decision led to a swarm of protests across the country. Darren Wilson, a 28-year-old white police officer of…

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Leadership taking shape on NCC grounds

10 things to do for a job interview

Studies show that hiring managers evaluate applicants through observation within the first 90 seconds. For students seeking effective tips on how to make a great impression as well as increase chances of getting hired, here are some ways to help you. 1. Practice One word that cannot be emphasized enough:…

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Ban the Bottle campaign.

Students seek to “Ban the Bottle”

92,690. That is the number of plastic bottles sold at the Northampton Food Court last year alone. One group of students seeks to change this policy and eliminate the use of non-biodegradable food containers and reduce the amount of plastic bottles and their consumption. Known as the “Ban The Bottle”…

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Is Financial Success Really a Non-Credit Course?

“Is this a for-credit course?” “How many credits do I need to graduate?” “Do we get credit for this assignment?” These are all questions that plague college students across the country as they navigate the sometimes confusing world of college academics and policies. While these credits are important, there is…

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Journey through the lens of multicultural students

Editor’s Note: The reporter is a member of the International Student Organization and went to the Washington trip. On a rainy Saturday morning, on Oct. 11, members of the International Student Organization (ISO) club went on an adventurous trip to Washington, D.C. Two white vans left from NCC and traveled…

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Why every college student needs to travel the world

Human beings by nature are engineered for movement. From the very beginning of time, our hunter-gatherer ancestors wandered great distances wearing nothing but an elk hide loincloth to find enough resources to survive. Modern-day man is blessed with the invention of airports and airplanes, allowing him to cross countries and…

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Campus has a frightful Halloween

When it comes to having fun, Northampton Community College students always have something up their sleeve. Zombies, monsters, frightening movie characters fright-worthy decorations filled the halls of NCC this past month in celebration for Halloween. Here is a gallery of photos of Halloween-related events (courtesy Adam Soltys).  

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“It was totally worth it… right?”

Imagine this – It’s the middle of winter, but you’re at the beach. While your friends are home shoveling snow, you’re thousands of miles away in a tropical paradise. You’re able to enjoy this mid-winter vacation because of all the points you earned on your new travel rewards credit card.…

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Javier Avila talks to NCC students about his writing.

Professor speaks through poetry

  An English professor and acclaimed author read selected poems from his new book “Vapor” to a packed audience on NCC’s Main campus Oct. 28. “Vapor” is a collection of poems from Dr. Javier Avila’s four previously published books, which he translated from Spanish to English. “The challenge was to…

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