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This means war

It’s that time of the year again, sign ups for Club Wars are open starting March 30! Club officers and Advisors are encouraged to take part in the eight team event being held on Saturday April 11 at noon in the Spartan Center Gym. Clubs that sign up and participate have the opportunity to will…

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"Plant with Window” 58" x 54" oil on canvas.
Art by William Hudders

Planting the seed

William Hudders, Art professor and painter will be featuring one of his art pieces in the Spring Group Show at Schmidtberger Fine Art in Frenchtown, New Jersey. The opening of the show will be held on April 11 at four pm and will continue until eight that evening. Titled “Plant with Window”, Hudders art piece…

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"During this activity Davis Gray and Kyle Lewis displayed the correct way to cut vegetables and how to handle knives. After the demo we prepared tacos for the club members," explained Katherine Morris. Photo courtesy Katherine Morris.

Glowing opportunities

The Hospitality Management Club is hosting a glow bowling fundraiser on April 9. From nine pm to 11pm individuals can purchase 12 dollar tickets for two hours of glow bowling. Bowling shoes and door prizes are included in the price. The event is being held at Town and Country Lanes on Stefko Blvd. The club…

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Candice Richards of PSECU is dedicated to helping NCC students achieve greatness.

Free food, free money

There is one word that every college student lives by: Free. Pair it with one of the other key college tenants: books, food, or money and you’ve got a powerful combination. PSECU has recently taken hold of two of these ideas and brought them to students at NCC, along with a dash of financial help.…

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While the savings from each of these individual strategies may not seem like much, when you combine and practice them on a regular basis, you will see your savings really climb. 
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Get your wallet ready to live off campus

Whether you have already chosen to live off campus next year, are considering it for another school year in the future, or are about to graduate and move out on your own, there are some things you should do to make sure that you don’t get yourself into financial trouble once you’ve made the move.…

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Left to right front row-
Tom Shillea, Traci Laurie-Lakhram, Emily Evans, Patricia Stanton, Kenny Colodonato, Gayle Hendricks and Adam Soltys.
Back row –
Sean Tierney, Joel Benitez, Jason Zulli, Traci Anfuso-Young (in front of Jason Zulli), Dave Meyers and Christine Pense
Photo Credit Christopher Elston.

NCC students take home the gold and silver at the 2015 ADDY awards

NCC Communication Design students, and their faculty enjoyed a great evening of socializing and networking as well as winning recognition for their creative design work at the 2015 American Advertising Federation ADDY Awards event on March 6th. The ADDYs are to advertising what the OSCAR’s are to the movies and are sponsored by the Greater…

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Fire and Ice dance photo gallery

In celebration of this past Valentines Day a Fire and Ice dance was held in the Student Life Zone. An estimated 300 people attended. See the photo gallery below for the highlights. All photos courtesy Commuter photographer and graphic designer Adam Soltys.    

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The Guerrilla Girls consist of female artists devoted to fighting sexism and racism within the art world. Photo by Betty Beaumont.

Betty Beaumont art display

This spring the “Million Woman March” exhibit is on display in Communications Hall. The exhibit consists of photographs and a short video documentary, taken by Betty Beaumont, that showcase the Women’s Action Coalition (WAC) during the 1992 Washington, D.C Million Woman March. The photographs display protests against sexism, rape and sexual harassment. WAC, primarily consisting…

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The air in the sheds is saturated with ammonia from the massive amounts of waste produced by thousands of birds." Photo courtesy The Humane League.

Sodexo faces national attention over animal cruelty

Northampton Community College’s website boasts its dining service is a place where “you’ll find great food, honest values, and a comfortable atmosphere.” Those values came into question when students across the U.S. initiated the “Kick Sodexo off Campus” campaign, which was backed by The Humane League of the United States because of Sodexo’s use of…

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The Selma to Montgomery exhibit commemorates the 50th anniversary of the historic civil rights marches in Selma and Montgomery, Alabama. Photo courtesy Tracey Goode.

Remembering Black History

February was the month dedicated to remembering the history of African- Americans. From enslavement to freedom, the struggle of being an African-American has passed. For 28 days out of 365, peers and colleagues alike are reminded to pay respect to the Black lives lost, to the leaders that ushered a better society, and the movements…

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Associate Professor Audrey Harvey discusses her journey to NCC. Photo Courtesy Zach Ransom.

NCC Alumni: On the Road to Northampton

NCC is a college that welcomes all sorts of people from different walks of life. Four different people came together to discuss their experiences and explained how they got from where they started to where they are now as members of the NCC faculty and staff. The On the Road to Northampton event took place on…

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Rendered photo of the new dining hall. Photo courtesy Janelle Howey.

Students, staff ready for new residence hall complex

Ground was broken for the new residence halls last May. Since then, resident students have been living next door to an active construction zone. This will soon result in a new residence hall and new opportunities for NCC students and faculty. With an increase in residential applications, program growth, an outstanding reputation and being the…

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