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  1. “Every 40 seconds someone dies by suicide; every 41 seconds there’s family that’s left asking ‘why.’"
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  3. 1. Scuba Diving at Dutch Springs,  Hanoverville Road, Bethlehem PA, 18020
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"Ben, our 2-year-old border collie came from North Carolina," Hallam-Nicholls said.

Social media to the (dog) rescue

With people using sites like Facebook and Twitter now more than ever, dog rescues can share photos and videos of animals in their care, ultimately leading to adoption or to the pet being reunited with its original owner. The ASPCA estimates that around 3 to 5 million dogs are abandoned…

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"Beckett’s work incorporated his own emotional distresses in his life as a source of venting"

The sorrows of a writer unhinged

Samuel Beckett’s life was one that was filled with turmoil and great distress. Using his writing skills, he combined his own emotions into the creation of his amazing yet bizarre works. His core, however, was that the most entertaining thing possible was unhappiness. Beckett’s work incorporated his own emotional distresses…

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"The yeast and bacteria that go into the creation of wine is the real backbone to its great taste."

Wine-making: The art of bacteria

Uncommonly know as oenology, the process of wine-making is an extensive process where grapes go through the process of fermentation by microorganisms; ultimately resulting in the production of the wine we enjoy during holidays and social gatherings. Above all else that goes into winemaking, the most important part of this…

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"Play, play, play, play -- and do not give up. You have to get yourself out there as much as possible. Network with other musicians and go play at open-mic nights together. Learn at least how to play the guitar and bring it,” White said.

NCC student rocks out on tour this summer

While studying for a Liberal Arts degree at NCC, Jordan White balanced his time between studying and working part time for $7.25 an hour at Wegman’s. Today, he is paid to play acoustic sets at the same store. White graduated from Nazareth Area High School with Big Bang Theory actress…

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Leadership taking shape on NCC grounds

NCC shaping future leaders on campus

From student organizations and clubs, athletics, student events, community organizations, classes and side jobs, NCC has become a breeding ground for the next generation of leaders. “NCC present opportunities such as clubs and organizations for students to assume leadership roles,” said Student Life Director Frank Pologruto. “Not many students know…

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The Heartbleed bug is an information leak in a software code called OpenSSL

Security bug leaves Internet users concerned

A vital security bug discovered in April exposed the personal information of Internet users to hackers for nearly two years. The Heartbleed bug is an information leak in a software code called OpenSSL, which is supposed to protect personal data such as usernames, passwords and banking information on “secure websites.”…

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