Whether you’re single, casually dating or in a long-term relationship, the possibility of having a memorable Valentines Day for all the wrong reasons is proven probable by many. -Photo: Free Stock Photo

Dreadful Valentines Day experiences

It’s that time of year again. With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, NCC students and professors reflect on some past experiences, hoping not to repeat any of them this year. “I really hope this Valentine’s Day will be enjoyable,” said Catharina Soto, a Psychology major. “I don’t want to have any negative experiences like some of…

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“Surf’s Up” Spartan Fest gallery

The NCC family came together on Jan. 22 to celebrate Spartan Fest this semester. Following with the “Surf’s Up” theme students arrived dressed in their best beach attire in the Student Life Zone. Events included an eventful limbo contest, mechanical surf board, a messy eating contest and much more. Free food filled the bellies of…

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Service opportunities grow with new office

Returning students may notice the lack of construction in the former Spartan Shop’s space in College Center. The renovations that took up much of last semester are completed, and the result is NCC’s new Center of Civic and Community Engagement. Designed to function as a central hub for both campuses, the center plans on being…

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"As is the same at many higher education institutions, a number of NCC classes require students to purchase books published by the college that are tailored to course content." -Photo courtesy Adam Soltys

The truth about textbook prices

The Public Interest Research group ( estimates that the average college student will spend over $1,100 on textbooks alone per year. Factoring in tuition fees, housing and transport costs makes going to college an expensive endeavor. “The cost of books is ridiculous,” said Emily MacBride, Communication Studies/RN major. “I try to buy from students, so…

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While the savings from each of these individual strategies may not seem like much, when you combine and practice them on a regular basis, you will see your savings really climb. 
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Show your wallet some love

As Valentine’s Day comes and goes, we often get caught up in celebrating our relationships with significant others and friends. This year, are you remembering to show your wallet some love, as well? With days filled with classes, friends, club meetings, sports, and part-time jobs, you can quickly fall into wasteful spending habits. Here are…

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The display caught the eye of many, including President Mark Erickson, who described the design as, “Very well done” and that it “captures the message very well”.

Grant received for “green” efforts

The Ban the Bottle initiative has been awarded a $2,000 grant in its efforts to make the Bethlehem campus more sustainable. Honor society Phi Theta Kappa, or PTK, President Aaron Rosengarten, Social Media Officer Rachel Cimera and Treasurer Gabe Olah are raising the bar this year for the Bethlehem campus honor society. Currently a three-star…

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Resolve to build healthy credit

It’s not uncommon to hear New Year’s resolutions like “get healthier” or “be more responsible with money.” For those of you who are looking to better manage your money during 2015, focus on learning to build healthy credit. Oftentimes, students don’t think that they have to worry about building credit while they’re in school, but…

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Behind the scenes of food services

Northampton chefs Char Hartley and Cindy Litzenberger are always willing to hear suggestions from students about what the food service should serve at the Main, Monroe and Fowler Southside campuses. “Once a month, the food committee holds a meeting and gives suggestions of what they think of serving, passing information to students,” Hartley said. “They…

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Get smart with food choices

For students wanting to eat healthier, the NCC Main campus cafeteria offers a wide range of options to help them on their journey. “I think a lot of times the average customer that comes on a daily basis… would walk in here after a couple of weeks and say, ‘I can’t find anything I’d like…

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Design students taking advice from a professional.

A career path inspires

Environmental graphic design is a profession often unrecognized by students as a potential career path. George Lim and Angela Serravo, Principal Partners at Tengram Design LLC, spoke to a large group of design students on campus Nov. 18 of 2014. Hired by Bethlehem for district branding, Lim and Serravo were not surprised with the number…

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Blogging is a great (and free) option to boost your online presence in a professional manor.

Blog it out

The next generation of blogging is here. No, I am not talking about expressing your anger on Facebook, bashing your ex or posting photos of what you had for dinner last night. I’m talking about the opportunity of sharing inspirational ideas, educating yourself and others, networking and even advertising yourself or a company online for…

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How safe is your information?

The new definition of privacy

It’s a normal day at NCC.  Students are rushing to class, talking with friends, and updating social media accounts.  A student took a picture and posted it to Instagram, another retweeted a funny post on Twitter and shared an article on Facebook so friends can see.  However, the student’s friends were not the only ones…

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