NCC athletic department announces groundbreaking news

Calling all Spartans… The World Cup may be over but don’t forget about the beautiful game just yet, because NCC’s Women’s Soccer team will play its inaugural season this fall. Making their debut under Head Coach Scott Cullen, the ladies are set to play their first match against Cumberland County College on September 6th, 2014.…

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Social media to the (dog) rescue

With people using sites like Facebook and Twitter now more than ever, dog rescues can share photos and videos of animals in their care, ultimately leading to adoption or to the pet being reunited with its original owner. The ASPCA estimates that around 3 to 5 million dogs are abandoned in the United States annually.…

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The sorrows of a writer unhinged

Samuel Beckett’s life was one that was filled with turmoil and great distress. Using his writing skills, he combined his own emotions into the creation of his amazing yet bizarre works. His core, however, was that the most entertaining thing possible was unhappiness. Beckett’s work incorporated his own emotional distresses in his life as a…

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