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The Phi Theta Kappa “Secret” Event

An Honors In Action Event is taking place December 1st and 2nd that will allow some students the opportunity to express themselves in a unique way. “We conducted research on social media’s effects on expression and communication,” Samantha Leiby, a second year, General Studies Major, said. “We chose human expression.” She added, “We all also felt…

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Rocky Horror invades NCC: Notes from inside the Time Warp

Oct. 23rd, 11:35pm When I arrive at Northampton Community College’s 350-seat Lipkin Theatre there’s a line that stretches out of the second floor lobby, down the steps, and into the bright lights of the hallway. I notice Director Bill Mutimer surveying the crowd. He appears pleased. When asked if he is nervous, he replies in…

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Designing ideas to live in

“Trionfo. It means ‘triumphant’ in Italian.” These were the final words of the interview, shouted while walking away down a perpendicular corridor of Founder’s Hall. This was a response after asking, in regretful hindsight, the pronunciation of his name. Doubtless, his surname adequately reflects the success he has found in his field of study. Ken…

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New cars, new tech: Safe, or dangerous?

In today’s cars, new technology exists to make daily living easier. From Ford’s foot activated trunk release to new ways that vehicles shift, technology has changed in drastic ways since the year 2000. This technology isn’t exclusive to cars and minivans, it is also found SUVs and trucks. Some trucks, for instance, do come with…

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Student Senate round-up

Oct. 20th Northampton Community College’s Student Senate held their second meeting of the semester. The meeting began with a Senate budget discussion. Student Senate Treasurer Ryan Armbruster gave the treasury report. For the Student Senate retreat, $600 was allotted, and the Senate went $367 over budget. Armbruster felt more money needed to be allotted for…

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