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Budget Stalemate

Pennsylvania begins its new fiscal every year at the end of June, and with the end of the fiscal year comes the need for a new budget for the Commonwealth. Budget negotiations began in earnest two to three months before this deadline so that the legislature, consisting of the House and Senate, can pass a…

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Student Senate to NCC: We want an armed police force

On Nov. 17th, NCC Student Senate voted unanimously on a resolution favoring a transition from campus security to a uniformed campus police force. The resolution vote happened during a scheduled Student Senate meeting at College Center on NCC’s Main campus. Student Senate will now appeal to a number of student and administrative groups on all…

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International Celebration Week

The International Student Organization (ISO) gathered for a celebration On Nov. 19th at NCC’s Lipkin Theater. The occasion, the featured event of International Celebration Week, had the goal of bringing together all international and American students alike. The event falls on the week before Thanksgiving every year and has become a tradition for about 6…

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“Life is urgent”

A good professor can prepare college students for their future career, but a great professor can make students think about what their future holds. That’s what NCC English professor Dr. Javiar Avila brings to the classroom every time he faces a group of young college students. He talks to his students about the tough subjects…

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