Unmasking the Lies with

Eugene Kiely has made a living giving politicians a reality check by revealing how much of what they say is accurate or not. As director of, he heads a nonprofit organization that “monitors the factual accuracy of what is said by major U.S. political players,” a formidable job in a presidential election year. A…

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Northampton Combating Sexual Assault with Title IX

Amira Shokr and Annisa Amatul Muqtadir Due to incidents in past years, tension has increased as parents and college students worry about the risks of sexual assault happening on their college campus. For NCC, it is important to keep residents in the dorms comfortable and feeling safe, so there are many precautions towards sexual harassment.…

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Hartzell Hall is proud to display its upgraded technology labs

Things are heating up over in Hartzell Hall. While most of the campus’s attention was on the Residence Hall expansion, the technology hall was quietly undergoing a massive overhaul of its facilities. From shiny new welding equipment and state-of-the art electrical environment simulators to a new lobby lounge and upgraded classrooms, the center has been…

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Student Senate Wins Marijuana Debate While PTK Goes up in Smoke

With the arrival of spring, the sun is shining, the skies are blue, and everything returns to its natural green state. However, the grass is not the only green thing being discussed throughout the campus this month. Cannabis has been referenced in history dating back to 2727 B.C. Many have heard lectures, stories, songs, and…

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The Philosophical Addiction of Professor Robert H. Thompson

When looking at Robert H. Thompson for the first time you will see a studious individual wearing a mustache that curls upward at both ends and a pair of round spectacles. He resembles something from a seventh grade history textbook. Thompson does not consider himself a philosopher, but many people know him as “Professor Robert…

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