Photo by// Patricia Canavan

Dogs & the Human Saga

BY YVONNE KANYI The Commuter   Hypothesizing that humans are genetically programmed to be attracted to dogs, NCC professor Charles Rinehimer spoke Nov. 27 about the worth of dogs, which goes way beyond companionship.   “We’re not talking about dogs as pets,” the biology professor and veterinarian said. “We’re talking about how dogs evolved and how they…

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A Homay Story

By Zach Sturniolo The Commuter BETHLEHEM TWP. – Rabbits, hawks, snakes, squirrels. All are easily found in Bethlehem Township. Sometimes, that means that one or another creature finds its way onto Northampton Community College’s Main Campus. But if Joe Homay is on duty, their safety on school property is in good hands. Homay, an electrician…

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#MeToo and Society

With movements like Me Too leading the pact against sexual assault/harassment, the phrase “enough is enough” has become a battle cry for the victims and survivors across America. Taking to rise in 2017 as #MeToo, after the sexual harassment allegations against Harvey Weinstein, the Me Too movement has become the force behind supporting victims of…

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Students against the plastic plague

Almost every piece of plastic that has been produced is still on our planet.   In the 1950s plastic began to be manufactured on a large-scale basis revolutionizing everything from medical equipment, plumbing, vehicles, appliances, even clothing. It was inexpensive to produce and incredibly convenient, so much so that we began producing disposable products such…

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