November 27, 2021

Students get groovy at Spartan Fest

Disco wasn’t dead at NCC as students got down and boogied at a ‘70s themed Spartanfest.

Students play twister during SpartanFest

To celebrate the college’s 50th anniversary, a $150 prize was awarded to the club that decorated their table best according to the ‘70s theme. The prize was won by the American Society of Interior Designers for their tie-dyed table.

The event featured complimentary food, a mechanical shark riding competition, a Twinkie-eating and Rubik’s cube solving contests.

Nicholas Hauer won the mechanical shark riding competition. Hauer endured 40 seconds atop the bucking beast before taking home the grand prize of a $50 Visa gift card.

The Rubik’s cube contest saw an unexpected victor after a late entry. Keenan Hatfield wasn’t initially involved in the competition, but solved two cubes before any of the other participants had solved one.

Matthew Craft claimed his prize of an additional box of Twinkies after beating out the competition in the Twinkie-eating contest.

The fest stayed crowded for the duration with more than 70 clubs and student organizations participating in the event.

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