December 6, 2022

NCC presidential favorites

BY Marcus DiGulio

After interviewing 30 members of the Northampton Community College community about the upcoming election in November, the one clear favorite was Bernie Sanders. He received the seal of approval from most of the students interviewed, seemingly because of his policies relating to tuition and health care.

“I would like to see Bernie go against Trump,”  Trump supporter and veteran Chris Gianni. “I think it would be entertaining.” Said Gianni.

Gianni says Trump’s trade policy with China is great but agrees with Sander’s policies on Medicare for everyone and more affordable tuition.

“You go to school for two years and you spent as much as you would for a new car or a down payment on a house.” 

Eva Labram, a second-year student at NCC has an “anyone but Trump” attitude and believes Trump “embodies values I had hoped we moved away from as a country such as disrespecting people.” 

Other students seem to be taking a sit-back-and-watch approach, including  Jacob Wong first-year student at NCC. He isn’t registered to vote and doesn’t plan to be. “I like to stay away and let the debates run their course, whether that makes me part of the problem is something I’ll get used to,” he said.

To register to vote in Pennsylvania, go to Primary elections are Tuesday, April 28th. The Presidential election is on Tuesday, November 3rd.

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