January 31, 2023

A Natural Wonder: Banff at NCC

With 350 tickets sold, The Outdoors Club held its annual screening of the Banff Mountain Film Festival.

The film festival is a screening of movies that showcase the wonders of the natural world.

“The films are known for their amazing cinematography, they’re compelling stories.” Outdoors Club President Jarad Beers said. “It’s basically a roller coaster of emotions that you go through with them.”

The Outdoors Club acquired a contract to screen the film festival after being on a waiting list for twelve years – but the reward was well worth the wait.

“We actually have sold-out every single year, since we started this five years ago, I believe. In terms of supporting the club, it’s been very fruitful,” Beers said.

English professor and Outdoors Club adviser Eileen Brumitt said, “I was really happy with how well everything worked out. I was a little nervous because this is the first time I’ve been running the show.”

With that success comes rivalry. ArtsQuest, the non-profit responsible for Musikfest, The Banana Factory and SteelStacks has wanted to host the film festival.

“ArtsQuest wants to host Banff,” Beers said. “But they can’t because we’re on the contract and we continuously renew it every year. I don’t foresee us dropping anytime soon.”

The Outdoors also collaborates with the Ski Club and Band of Brothers to offer refreshments during the event.

“I was thinking of inviting more non-profits to [promote themselves] in the lobby,” Brumitt said. “I was also thinking about opening the doors earlier, so people can have extra time to buy food and socialize.”

Beers said, “I wouldn’t mind seeing it go to two nights. It’s just the logistics, and then getting people to do two consecutive nights, is just so much. Plus, there’s so many great films that they offer us. It’s extremely hard to compile it down to a two-hour and twenty-minute event.”

The Banff Film Festival offers a selection of thirty to forty films. These films are then viewed by the Outdoors club and a program is created.

The event also works to draw non-students to NCC.

“[Attendance] is mostly from other parts of the Valley.” Beers said. “We don’t get too many people from campus, we do get some, but not as many as we would like to. It’s an amazing film festival and it’s definitely something to see if you go to NCC.”

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