January 28, 2021

About Us

Journalism, Media, and Professional Writing Associate Degree

Northampton Community College’s Journalism, Media, and Professional Writing associate degree program gives students the chance to earn a communications degree that can be applied to many different media outlets. With electronics and technology dominating communications, students in Journalism, Media, and Professional Writing don’t go to college looking for careers in just print media.  

The program at NCC focuses on newspapers, magazines, television, radio, and the Web, as well as photography, multimedia production, and business communications. These are the skills that are highly marketable and are sought after by editors and executives in the 21st century. Students can join our campus newspaper and work with both local and national organizations through internships.  

This program is offered at our Bethlehem campus, with an additional option to complete the degree partly online. It is open to high school graduates with strong writing skills and an avid interest in current events.