January 31, 2023

Addiction reflection

One of the most constant, and deadliest, afflictions that affect not only students but everyone is the presence of substances, like drugs and alcohol, which can form addictive tendencies.

According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, taken in 2014, approximately 21.5 million Americans adults battled with substance use disorder. 80 percent of individuals suffering from substance use disorder also struggled with an alcohol use disorder and over 7 million Americans battled drug use disorder.  

Northampton Community College held a Drug & Alcohol Addiction forum on October 4th, 2018, talking about many subjects within the spectrum of drug and alcohol addiction. The event started at 11 in the morning and ended at 5:30 in the afternoon.

The event was mostly held in the 2nd floor of the College Center on the Bethlehem campus and the Laub Lounge but it was also held in the Lipkin Theater and streamed as well to the Monroe Campus of Northampton Community College in KAPP 209.

There were 26 recovery, treatment, and outreach organizations that were represented throughout the event and 5 NCC student and faculty groups also present throughout the event as well.

First, the Heroin and Opiate Prevention Education(H.O.P.E.) were at the Lipkin Theater to give background information about addiction. Their presentation was also streamed live to the Monroe Campus.

H.O.P.E. wasn’t the only presentation at the Lipkin Theater with Voices of the Valley being the second presentation at the Lipkin Theater.

Voices of the Valley was a presentation continuing further to elaborate on details about addiction and most notably the recovery process of drug and alcohol addiction.

There were also light refreshments outside the Lipkin Theater to maintain the energy of learning and discuss the topics of addiction amongst the audience.

At the Laub Lounge as well as the 2nd floor of the College Center on the Bethlehem Campus were many agency and vendor tables.

Many of these vendors represented larger organizations that focus vastly on recovery, treatment, and outreach of addiction.

Along with NCC students and faculty, these vendors were able to be found beneficial by other NCC students who were seeking resources on the matter of addiction.

There was also a Mock Teen Bedroom that was sponsored by Center For Humanistic Change (CHC) that represented the core of what addiction was all about.

There was also an Our Lives Matter Quilt that was created in the Student Life Zone of the Bethlehem Campus that was made as a promise to not fall into drugs and alcohol as well as a promise to recover from an addiction to live a longer life.

There were also various speakers that spoke on the subject of addiction at the Laub Lounge as well as the College Center.

These speakers were either individuals who dealt with addiction and recovered, individuals who came close to addiction, individuals in the process of recovery, friends of addicts as well as parents who had children and lost them because of addiction.

The staff behind the entire event estimated that 15 speakers spoke on the subject of addiction and that these various speakers had spoken from 15 to 20 minutes each.

Because of the multitude and importance that the staff had prepared in advance for this event, the event was found to be successful and beneficial from preliminary reports from NCC students, faculty, and staff.

They also estimated that around 150 people went to the event throughout the day. Because of the overwhelming success, the event has offered to many individuals, Northampton Community College is planning to host the event again next year in 2019.

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