September 24, 2022

Baltimore: The news you won’t hear about

On April 12 of this year Freddie Gray, Baltimore native, was arrested on a weapons charge. Seven days after his arrest, the Baltimore native had his life cut short due to spinal cord injuries supposedly obtained while in police custody. It is still unclear what caused the spinal cord injury that killed Gray.

The larger part of newspapers and news cast stations continue reporting images and video of the rioting that erupted Monday April 27 after the funeral of Freddie Gray. However, the vast majority of Baltimore’s streets are at peace while protesters continue to chant songs of justice for the life of Gray.

There were Baltimore residents assisting officers in keeping the damage to a minimum. With schools being closed on Tuesday April 28, residents even took to the streets to clean up their city.

Baltimore residents want the nation to know that they are not all vandalizing their communities and that they are standing strong with one another, linking arms to seek justice for Freddie Gray’s family.

Residence continue to combat the image that has been painted of them, feeling disappointed and saddened by the violence that is taking place. They continue to strive to clear the smoke of the bad publicity it has been receiving due to rioters expressing their anger in an inadequate fashion.

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