March 29, 2023

Best of the worst April Fools’ pranks

April Fools’ Day is the stuff of legend as we recall the pranks and their victims.

“In high school, my friends and I took a friend’s car and covered it with stick notes,” recalls Chad, an Emergency Services Administration major.

“Me and my sister called my mom and told her that my brother had a huge party and trashed my house,” said Halina, a Psychology major. “She was so mad that she almost left work.”

Adrian, an Engineering major, admitted that “one time I was playing basketball with my friends and one of them decided it would funny to pull my pants down, when he did he got to see my Hello Kitty man thong. It was really embarrassing.”

April Fools’ Day is a holiday that some celebrate and others ignore. In a survey of 50 NCC students, about 20 responded with their recollection of pranks, half of them asking to remain anonymous, depending usually on the severity of the joke.

One student admitted to taking all the wheels off of his friend’s car and creating a scavenger hunt for his friend to find them.

Another student drew all over her brother’s face with permanent marker and awoke him on Saturday morning, convincing him that he was going to be late for school. The brother stood outside their home with his backpack on, looking completely disheveled with permanent marker all over his face. Her mom was not amused.

Another student covered all the doorways and toilets of his house with Saran Wrap and got a kick out of watching his roommates fumble around.

Some pranks can be considered dangerous and land one in hot water.

One student, who wished to be anonymous, said, “I started a food fight at my high school. Me and my friends thought it would be hilarious and bought a lot of chocolate pudding and just threw them randomly into the middle of the cafeteria. It did start a massive food fight that me and friends got in deep trouble for. I look back at that and kinda wished I didn’t do it. A lot of the kids who got hit by the pudding really hated me for a while.”

The most popular prank reported was stretching a rubber band around the faucet on the sink so that when turned on, it sprayed the victim. But sometimes pranks can backfire.

One student admitted to pulling this prank on every member of her family only to forget and get herself at the end of the day.

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