June 3, 2023

Betty Beaumont art display

This spring the “Million Woman March” exhibit is on display in Communications Hall. The exhibit consists of photographs and a short video documentary, taken by Betty Beaumont, that showcase the Women’s Action Coalition (WAC) during the 1992 Washington, D.C Million Woman March. The photographs display protests against sexism, rape and sexual harassment.

WAC, primarily consisting of various female artists, pursued the very essence of feminism. Their work, along with the marches and protests of WAC, challenged patterns of society by documenting history. Although the original founder(s) have passed and their numbers dwindled, many individuals like Beaumont kept their message alive.

“My work addresses the big questions, the relevant concerns around us that are somewhat overlooked yet in time will have a profound effect on generations. Each of my projects is a facet of this larger vision. My work challenges global social awareness, as well as socioeconomic and ecological patterns,” Beaumont stated.

Beaumont’s art has been displayed in galleries all around the east coast, including New York City. Entitled “Lost and Found”, her most recent work will be on display at the New Arts Gallery in Kutztown, Pennsylvania.

Photography is not Beaumont’s only passion. Using pre-recordings of extinct languages, she transforms them into ambient noise that not only portrays a unique sound, but enhances the dead language. Beaumont wants to showcase extinct languages for the fear that society can becoming culturally bankrupt.

Beaumont states; “Of the 6,000 languages that are spoken today, we’re losing one every two weeks. A language is a culture and to lose a language is to lose a culture.”

Betty Beaumont’s photographs of WAC’s March for Women’s Lives continue to stoke the fires of a debate that spans decades. Her artwork continues to demonstrate concerns for human dignity and equality.

Ms. Beaumont will be on the NCC campus on March 5. She will discuss her artwork on display in Communications Hall at 3:30pm. A reception for the artist will take place at 5pm following her gallery talk in Communications Hall. Visit the Million-Woman March exhibit on display until March 24 in the Communications Hall of Northampton Community College in Bethlehem, PA.

This art exhibit/event is sponsored by the College Life Association and the Art Students Association in conjunction with the New Arts Program in Kutztown, PA.

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