June 3, 2023

Campus shuttle ride to Fowler Center

The Fowler Southside campus is known for its unique approach to innovation and inspiration, yet for students at the Bethlehem campus without transportation it is a hassle to get to this campus, until now.

A new spring semester has opened a new opportunity for the students of the Bethlehem campus when a shuttle bus was introduced into play.

Starting on January 14, the NCC shuttle began its voyage transporting students between the Bethlehem and Fowler center.

Running Monday through Friday, the free shuttle departs from the front of the Enrollment Center at 11 a.m. and arrives at the front of the Fowler Center.

For those unaware of what the Fowler Center offers to students, there are many opportunities that are available at the Southside campus.

The Fowler Center is home the Follett Family Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship that helps aspiring students by providing an open learning environment backed by technology to drive the student mindset.

The CIE is located on the second floor of the Fowler Center and on the first floor is the well know Fab Lab.

The Fab Lab has multiple labs available to the student body ranging from electronics, computers, 3D printing and more.

Those pursuing entrepreneurship, engineering, graphic design or more should go take advantage of this opportunity to visit the Fowler Center and center first hand what NCC has to offer to help you in advancing your education.

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