Surviving hell

If there was any time that was hell on Earth, it was the Holocaust. Today, those who endured the atrocities are telling their stories. Esther Bauer is one of these people. The German native spoke Tuesday at NCC about her experiences during the Holocaust in Germany and Poland in the late 1930s and early 1940s.…

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Counseling Service here to help

Reasons why students visit Counseling Services tend to run in trends and right now two big ones are students losing their health insurance or having to cope with stress. Students face problems when they can no longer rely on unemployed parents to pay for medication for learning disabilities or mental health issues, says Ross Bandics,…

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NCC welcomes the presidents

A collage simply titled “The American President” is on display throughout February in College Center’s Laub Lounge. The collage highlights the work of various Associated Press photographers who took the shots, some of them iconic, through the decades. One of the earliest photographs is from 1904, when an unnamed AP photographer took a picture of…

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DC’s Newseum gets it write

It takes four hours to get from Bethlehem to Washington, D.C., not including rest stops. The drive is scenic and long — until you reach Washington when suddenly the trip seems even longer as you navigate through the traffic snarls.Parking is atrocious. Trying to park a mini-bus is not easy. Parking meters are not run…

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