Meet the man behind the voice of WNCC

Northampton Community College has had a radio club for over 30 years. Currently standing at the helm of the sound of NCC is Demitrius Mullen. “This is my passion project,” said Mullen, a Computer Security major from Allentown. With a 24/7 online steam of random pre-recorded content and two live broadcasts a week, Mullen, President…

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Social media habits putting you at risk

If a stranger approached you on the street, what would you tell them about yourself? Would you rattle off your full name, date of birth, mailing address, phone number, and the names of all your family members and closest friends? Would you pull out your phone and show them pictures of you and your loved…

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Mind over matter: Monroe student achieves the unachievable

Benjamin Jackson was born with Hemiplegic Cerebral palsy, a disorder affecting the motor function in the left side of his body. His physical limitations mean standing, sitting or walking for too long can cause his joints to cramp up. He is also faced with body spasms throughout the day. When he was diagnosed, doctors predicted…

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Social media to the (dog) rescue

With people using sites like Facebook and Twitter now more than ever, dog rescues can share photos and videos of animals in their care, ultimately leading to adoption or to the pet being reunited with its original owner. The ASPCA estimates that around 3 to 5 million dogs are abandoned in the United States annually.…

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Wine-making: The art of bacteria

Uncommonly know as oenology, the process of wine-making is an extensive process where grapes go through the process of fermentation by microorganisms; ultimately resulting in the production of the wine we enjoy during holidays and social gatherings. Above all else that goes into winemaking, the most important part of this process would be assumed to…

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NCC student rocks out on tour this summer

While studying for a Liberal Arts degree at NCC, Jordan White balanced his time between studying and working part time for $7.25 an hour at Wegman’s. Today, he is paid to play acoustic sets at the same store. White graduated from Nazareth Area High School with Big Bang Theory actress Kate Micucci in 1998. He…

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