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When hate speech came to NCC

The last thing NCC would expect April 3rd were two men who preached homophobic, racist, and sexist speeches. They did not explain their reason as to why they were at NCC but someone had passed around flyers to students encouraging students to not approach or argue with these men because they were being paid to…

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Zero shades of grey seminar: The conversation starts with you

“When it comes to sexual assault, there are zero shades of gray. It’s black & white.” This is the battlecry, designed by Collegiate Empowerment, that has been established for the first of three seminars “Zero Shades of Gray”. The Zero Shades of Gray seminar, lead by speaker Marian Barshinger, was one of the many installments…

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“Arsonist” lights up Lipkin Theatre for poetry day

Award-winning poet Joaquín Zihuatanejo shared stories and a collection of poems from his latest book, “Arsonist” on April 4th for the annual Len Roberts Poetry Day in Lipkin Theatre. English Professor Javier Ávila chose this year’s inspiring poet. Like 20 percent of NCC’s student body, Zihuatanejo is Hispanic, a demographic underrepresented in the faculty. In…

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Inside the NCC Farmers Market

by Melissa Kacar and Nicole Schmidt Every Wednesday, the NCC Farm Market offers a variety of different products sold by local businesses. Bahereh Khodadoost has been selling her handmade pottery at NCC’s for almost 4 years and has been working with clay for 34 years. While she took a few classes, most of her skill…

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Let’s get this bread: an interview at the farmers market

By Jacob Repsher In the ever so pleasant weather of our awful winter season, the local farmer’s market has since been moved from the center square to the second floor lounge, making for an interesting sight of stalls hidden behind a sea of mingling students. As someone who’s always thought highly of small local businesses,…

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NCC student runs for Mayor

For many, it comes to no surprise that NCC students are committed to hard work and change for the community on and off campus. While there is no doubt that many of us can relate to such compliments, one student on campus stands out amongst many in an effort to seek new change for the…

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