An owners opinion of Google Glass

In April of 2012 Google turned the heads of technology lovers with the release of Google Glass, a wearable device that gives users easy access to text messages, videos, news and other various information, all displayed right in front of your eyes.   I purchased my pair of Google Glass in Nov. 2013. I was…

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The sorrows of a writer unhinged

Samuel Beckett’s life was one that was filled with turmoil and great distress. Using his writing skills, he combined his own emotions into the creation of his amazing yet bizarre works. His core, however, was that the most entertaining thing possible was unhappiness. Beckett’s work incorporated his own emotional distresses in his life as a…

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How to get a date for Valentine’s Day

  Asking someone out shouldn’t involve an increased heart rate, sweating, nervousness or nausea. If you’re the kind of person that freaks out at the thought of asking someone out, relax…it’s not as stressful as you’re making it out to be. Don’t make the date too complicated or serious. Keep it simple. Ask them to…

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