September 24, 2022

Dear Newbies…

Welcome to NCC! I know I am not the first to say, but we are happy to have you here. College is hard, us veterans will be the first to admit that, but it is worth it. Yes, the books are expensive. Yes, you’re the new kid again. You are not the only one thinking these things; you are certainly not the first, and definitely not the last. This gets better, trust us.

Your education will get you far in this world, which means it needs your undivided attention. You need to be able to find that sweet spot between work and play. Getting good grades and keeping your GPA is important, but so is taking the time to take a breather and make sure that you’re ok.

If you don’t think you can continually wake up for an 8 a.m. class, then don’t take it. Pace yourself with your work because if you start too strong and you lose stamina, your grades start to drop, and that’s never a good thing.

Think about joining clubs. I know Quadfest came and went, but it really is never too late to join. If it is, then what’s the harm in asking? Not only does joining a club look really good on any resume, but it also helps with making friends. College is the beginning of the rest of your life, which means you’ll need more people to complain to about having to be an adult. Making friends is hard to do in classes or in social spaces, like the student life zone, so clubs help force people to get past their awkwardness and to make people talk to each other.

Remember, that even if you feel like you’re not fitting in or not making it, you have nothing to prove to anyone. You are going to college for you, and you alone. If you suddenly realize that college is not your thing, then that’s okay too.

School isn’t for everyone, but if you tried, it’s all good. You gave it a shot and that counts for something. Yes, saying you’re going to school because your family member told you to or because it was someone’s dying wish is a fantastic reason, but if you aren’t here for you, it will only make things harder. You need to have a certain drive to keep going.

We are so lucky to have you here, and we only hope that you make this college experience the best, just as we try for you. Here’s to a fantastic year, and the start of something extraordinary.


The Commuter & Friends.

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