June 4, 2023

DEMO Kitchen dishes it out at Fowler

The DEMO Kitchen at the Fowler Community Center in Southside Bethlehem is offering noncredit hands-on cooking courses to students and the community; most of these courses will only be available until the end of December.

Lynn Teles, cooking program manager at the Fowler Center, has designed these courses to allow participants to engage and learn while preparing food. Teles said the DEMO Kitchen previously offered classes where a chef demonstrated to an audience how to prepare a meal.

“We found people liked hands-on cooking,” she said, “instead of just watching, now everyone is included.”

The newly renovated DEMO Kitchen is now only a year old. It features updated appliances, seven ovens, a pantry of food and the head kitchen, as well as six other stations. Each station fits a group of three and everything is provided unless instructed otherwise.

Teles noted that class fees depend on, not just the food being made, but the choices of students. Instructors for these classes are usually professional chefs, although guests occasionally come to teach as well.

“There are an array of instructors to make the experience inclusive,” she said.

The courses at the DEMO Kitchen offer a multitude of ethnic, global and holiday cooking courses.

Taste of Asia, Indian Cooking, Italian cookies, and Pumpkin Roll and Praline Cheesecake are just some of the classes offered this Fall.

Not only do students have access to the DEMO Kitchen, but it’s also open to the surrounding community.

The kitchen can be used to host parties for adults and children that want to learn how to cook up something new. Corporations and communities can use the kitchen to host events, a party or create a class.

“It’s a great way to interact with the community,” said Teles.

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