December 8, 2022

Fandom for Dummies: Harry Potter edition

Fandom – the state of or condition of being a fan of someone or something

Type: book and movie series

Release date: first book: 1997; first movie: 2001

Fan Name: Potterheads; a Potterhead is the name given to diehard fans whose love for the series, the actors, and the author knows no bounds. Fans proclaim their love for the series in all sorts of ways, such as wearing clothing and jewelry, going to conventions, writing fanfiction, etc.

Reasons why we love…

  • J.K. Rowling: She started from the bottom and now she’s at the peak of her craft. Rowling was the first female novelist to reach billionaire status, but she lost her title after British tax increases and her charitable deeds. Rowling gave the world a part of her imagination when she had nothing else to give. She wrote the first few chapters of “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” on a napkin in a train station.
  • The book series: Starting with Number 4 Privet Drive and ending with Platform 9 and ¾, the books inspired generations and continues to do so. The books were the beginning of some people’s gradual growth into bookworms. For others, it opened them up to the possibility that if she could write in the darkest of times, then maybe it’s possible for them too. The books are a form of escapism, and it was fun to see the characters growing up right alongside the readers.
  • The movie series: Yes, we all wish they would have included every detail – there was another Weasley. His name was Charlie and he worked with dragons – and didn’t change some things; Lily and James Potter were not 40-something when they died. They were in their 20s, but the series brought our beloved books to life. From the movies have sprouted theme parks, new books, and new movies, all the while giving the “Harry Potter” series an even longer shelf life.


  • Other fans: If you’re in a room full of strangers, try and find a fellow Potterhead because after ten minutes of talking to them, you’ll be acting like you’ve known each other since birth. Swapping fan theories and sharing mutual love or hate for characters, fellow fans know the trials and tribulations you’ve been through while reading the books or watching the movies. Fans go above and beyond for not only each other, but for themselves. The series only takes it so far, and no one wants to acknowledge a true ending. Fans make art, fiction, plays, and movies to make sure there never will be a true ending. We may joke on each other about which House we’re in and who really belongs with Hermione, but at the end of the day we can all agree that Umbridge was one of the vilest characters in existence.
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