November 27, 2021

Get in tune with nature

It was anything but rough waters for the NCC Outdoors Club who participated this month in a kayaking trip.

“A lot of people [have never been] on a kayak, canoe or anything,” Club President Jarad Beers said. “It was a lot of watching people spin around and once that we got oriented, it was really nice. We kind of lazily went down the river.”

With more than 200 people on the email list to get involved, Beers sends interested students details beforehand of the next trip. Details suggest clothing, what to expect, the van location, departure time and estimated return time. Each trip averages about 15 people.

“Everyone [that goes to NCC] is technically part of the outdoors club,” Beers said, “Whoever wants to come, can come.”

Students of varying skill levels can receive the chance to develop their abilities. Activities can include hiking, kayaking, zip lining, rock climbing, and potentially horseback riding and paintball in the future. The Outdoors Club helps students experience nature by covering 70% to 80% of the fees.

“The best part of it is getting to pick and choose what you want to do,” Beers said. “If you don’t like something, you don’t have to come to it. There are no obligations.”

On top of engaging in physical challenges both indoor and out, the club partakes in volunteer service projects such as Habitat for Humanity and trail clean-ups in the spring.

“It’s interesting to me that people don’t go into the woods or experience anything outdoorsy. Especially when we live in such a great area for it. To do those things and experience nature… I think that’s really important,” adviser Eileen Brumitt said. “There is study abroad that is important, there is community service that is important, but I think this is another aspect of learning that is important.”

Come spring, the members host a showing of films from the Banff Mountain Film Festival. Approximately 300 tickets sell out every year. The $20 per person tickets allow the audience to experience outdoors independent films in Lipkin Theater.

“All the videos are these unique, crazy, cinematic videos,” Beers said. “The videos can be a mix of high energy and happy or sad. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions that you feel through it.”

The fundraiser provides the club with enough funds for the entire year. NCC students can sign-up to volunteer a month prior to the event and watch the videos for free.

Interested students can contact Jarad Beers at, Paula Burch at, or Eileen Brumitt at


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