September 29, 2022

Get To Steppin’

There’s no doubt on how important Enough Is Enough Week is to not only the student body, but to the community as well.

Every year, Enough Is Enough is an eventful week that aims to bring awareness to all sorts of violence and prejudice that is imposed on all sorts of people.

A big event that takes place during this week is the “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” that is hosted by NCC’s Zeta Kappa Psi annually.

The reason why this event is so big is because it highlights the trials and tribulations that women go through including domestic violence, sexual harassment, rape culture, etc.

President Brie Lounds of Zeta said this event is to also “put the responsibility back on men” and to show that it is not okay to attack (verbally or physically) based on how she looks.

Lounds went on to say that no woman should have to protect herself all the time, no matter if she is with friends or strangers; victim shaming, catcalling and the likes is not okay and having this event forces people, especially men, to think about what is deemed in society as “taboo talk.”

How the event works is that men (students, teachers and whoever voluntarily tries) walk around campus in red high heels to see exactly how it feels to be in a woman’s pair of shoes.

Amidst the moaning and groaning and the occasional “I can’t do this!”, NCC’s baseball team, Zeta Kappa Psi, teachers, and some other students made a lap around the College Center’s second floor as well as Penn Hall’s.

After strutting around and pictures were taken, most kicked off their heels as soon as they possibly could. One student even asked around to see if anyone had any painkillers because his feet were killing him.

Lounds and her girls from Zeta Kappa Psi hope that with this annual event, men will stop the derogation of women, and “respect [women’s] rights, just as we respect their rights.”

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