February 8, 2023

Hartzell Hall is proud to display its upgraded technology labs

Things are heating up over in Hartzell Hall. While most of the campus’s attention was on the Residence Hall expansion, the technology hall was quietly undergoing a massive overhaul of its facilities. From shiny new welding equipment and state-of-the art electrical environment simulators to a new lobby lounge and upgraded classrooms, the center has been redone from top to bottom.

The welding lab has seen the most noticeable updates, with four rows of new welders for active student use, and a laser CNC table – in layman’s terms, exact, precision metal cutting– with lasers. The metallurgy lab was rebuilt from the ground up, and includes a tensile strength tester – like a modern-day rack, but for metals – new metallurgy specific microscopes, and a magnetic particle inspector, or magnaflux, built to test the magnetic properties of a sample.

Other classrooms received upgrades too. The HVAC heating labs have both electric and gas environment set-ups, as well as a non-photovoltaic system for solar heat training. Engineering received Hydraulic Fluid Power and Process Control Instrument training units, both designed to simulate a variety of conditions-the PCI allows students to adjust any number of variables including flow, pressure, volume, temperature, and PH levels.

The CAD classrooms have been equipped with two MakerBots, both able to be run all day, every day (although during the tour, only one was running-the students had already burned out the head from use).  Christopher Gaylo, Director of Technology Center, Business and Technology invites students with question about the center and the programs being offered to come visit. As he puts it, “There’s some real whizzy stuff on over here.”

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