Humans of NCC: Actor, model and singer keeps his dreams close to heart

"My personality is too bomb to be doing something where it doesn’t matter." Photo courtesy Zamonte Brookes.

Meet Zamonte Brooks, a Theatre major and aspiring actor that has big plans for his future. Like many, he finds himself starting from the bottom and working his way to the top. He chose NCC as his starting point for success.

“I’m here for Theater arts. My goal is Julliard, but I’m also interested in DePaul University in Chicago. Everyone seems to think I’m going to pack up and move to New York or Los Angeles. But first you want to set a foundation somewhere, like, why would you move to the most competitive places? That’s like throwing yourself into the lion’s den so early. When you go to Chicago they have the same resources and all the same things, and a lot of filming tax, so they do a lot of filming there. You get a lot of work and it’s less competition. It’s like a little secret that aspiring actors know of.”

Acting wasn’t always what Brooks was striving for. At one point he found himself in a potential opportunity to model for Opening Ceremony, an international company specializing in unique and fashionable clothing lines by designers originating from all across the globe. Brooks explained:

“I use to model, then they [Opening Ceremony] asked me to model for them, and they were interested, and we were gonna do a bunch of things, then nothing happened and they never called me.”

The flatlined plan did not stop Brooks, however. He later realized that modeling was not something he wanted to do long term.

“At that point I was over it. I had all the physical requirements, but your personality doesn’t really matter when modeling, no matter how much people tell you it does. I was like, ‘My personality is too bomb to be doing something where it doesn’t matter,’” Brooks explained. “That’s why I switched to acting, where my personality can flourish.”

Like many college students of all ages, Brooks future is not yet clear to him:

“To be honest, I don’t know what I’m doing here yet. I just know I want to be an actor. I don’t know if I want to complete my two years here or transfer.”

Brooks hasn’t let the uncertainty get to his high spirits. He has his eye on his current goals and keeps his future goals in site.

“All I know is that, in 10 years I [want to] have an Oscar, my Screen Actors Guild award (S.A.G. award) and of course my Tony award. I’m mainly interested in film, but I really want to win a Tony award. Most schools don’t have a film degree. Most of the time it is theatre. I think I should do the theatre thing first then transition to film. I can’t sing, but I really want a Tony award.”