April 12, 2021

In-Vision Photography exhibit features alumni work

The In-Vision Photography Month exhibit in Communications Hall is showcasing photography from NCC alumni.

James Taylor is one of the photographers with a collection of photos on display.

After graduating from NCC in 2007 with a Communication Design degree, Taylor started his Easton-based business as a graphic designer working with clients on marketing and designing their websites. He has since worked with hundreds of brands both on a local and national level.

“For my first 3-4 years photographing, I photographed anything I could – people, pets, landscape, random items, the moon, etc. – to gain experience while also discovering what I enjoyed photographing,” he says. “Every success or failure from a photo attempt helped influence my next step – and techniques I learned for one type of image became resources I could use for other sessions.”

“For the next 3 years, I worked to gain a better understanding of curating my setups with strobe lighting while also working on posing techniques – still relying on Photoshop to clean things up. At that point, I was photographing regularly for clients and had a fairly nice portfolio – but still felt I could refine and wanted to be less reliant on Photoshop to fix my mistakes.

“I purchased a minimal rangefinder camera, which helped force me to better understand how a camera works. This particular camera was manual focus only, did not offer any live-view, no video mode, etc. This was a huge turning point for me artistically and allowed me to be able to better craft an image to get what I wanted – rather than hope it would work.”

Taylor is now on the Communication Design Committee and participates in yearly student portfolio reviews.

James Taylor Portrait by James Taylor

He has kept in touch with Tom Shilea, the Art Department Director at NCC, who approached him about being featured in the In-Vision exhibit.

“I put a collection of images together for Tom to review broken into three categories: Corporate, Portrait, and Travel. From there, Tom helped select the final collection,” said Taylor.

“The majority of the images in this collection are from what I consider the third phase of my photography career,” says Taylor in regards to the photos on display.

“When I look at these images, I can recall the goals I had for each photograph. I’m proud of the time I took to learn and grow as an artist to be able to either craft the exact image I had imagined or pivot to something better in the moment.”

“All that to say, I am a firm believer that there is always room for improvement and growth. Having personal goals helped not only refine my skill set but also make clear to me what I enjoy working on…My advice to aspiring photographers would be to explore early and often to find your motivation as an artist.”

The In-Vision Photography Month exhibit is on display until December 14 in the Communications Hall Gallery. The gallery is open Monday – Thursday, 8 a.m. – 9 p.m. Friday and Saturday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

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