December 6, 2022

International students come to NCC

The international students kick off QuadFest, the annual welcome back celebration, by parading their country flags across the Quad.

“That was their time to shine and show off their country. It impacts the robust international community — reinforcing international students here at NCC,” said Jason P. Haller, Program Coordinator & Center for Global Education and International Services involving student affairs.

Hajar Berziz, the president of ISO (International Students Organization) and Haller were in charge of assigning the students that would hold the flags.

Most of the flags during QuadFest were held by current students. Each flag represented where those students came from. Some flags were held by two students, while others had just one.

Hend Yehia, first-year automotive technology major, represented Egypt. “I’m usually quiet and shy but when I was holding my flag I felt fearless. I had self-confidence” she said.

International students travel to NCC on J1 or F1 visas. Students here on J1 visas are here from sponsored programs that promote cultural exchange and those here on F1 visas are here in programs to pursue academic studies. These students will be at NCC for the next 10 months.

“It makes me feel like I can maybe be an example and inspire other students to come to the U.S. Representing my country by carrying my flag is an unforgettable moment in my life,” said Nur Hossain Sajjad, first-year journalism major from Bangladesh.

The international students provide a unique and diverse community here at NCC, giving many other students the chance to interact with someone of a different culture.

Dario Paz, first-year electronic technology major from Columbia said, “I felt welcomed. Not only in school but in the country. I was scared at first but after, I realized diversity is accepted here. It feels good”.

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