September 20, 2020

Joe Biden’s Democratic National Convention acceptance speech

Joe Biden’s DNC speech, Aug. 20.

Joe Biden: “This campaign isn’t just about winning votes.  It’s about winning the heart and, yes, the soul of America. Winning it for the generous among us, not the selfish. Winning it for workers who keep this country going, not just the privileged few at the top. Winning it for those communities who have known the injustice of a knee on the neck. For all the young people who have known only an America of rising inequity and shrinking opportunity. They deserve the experience of America’s promise.  They deserve to experience it in full.”

The quote and video above are from Joe Biden’s Democratic National Convention speech, officially accepting the nomination to be the Democratic candidate for President of the United States. The presidential election is Nov. 3.

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Video courtesy of C-SPAN.

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