Journalism Program

Like The Commuter website you’re visiting right now, NCC’s journalism program is undergoing dramatic change in 2015.

Those changes, expected to be unveiled this spring, reflect the rise of mobile, multimedia, social media-centric communications.

Many NCC journalism students have pursued careers in the news media, but others have seized communications opportunities across a range of fields from government to tourism to nonprofit organizations.

Employers recognize that the skills practiced by journalists are highly transferable, important to any industry in which speed, accuracy and precision are essential to professional communications.

In other words, every industry.

This program offers students courses that will prepare them to transfer to four-year degree programs or seek employment at the entry level. It offers students training that will serve them in the news media, as well as at public relations firms, corporate communications offices or other employers who rely on communication specialists.

NCC’s journalism program isn’t forgetting its roots even as it reinvents itself. The program continues to offer the foundation skills of writing, reporting, editing, publishing and ethical decision-making in the public service.

The more things change, the more imperative it becomes that journalism not lose its soul in the quest to embrace that change. “In the end, journalism is an act of character,” say the authors of “The Element of Journalism.”

Journalism is more than a profession, as so many journalists note. It’s a calling, a search for truth in a confusing, clamorous world filled with misinformation, disinformation, rumor, propaganda, spin, half-truth and infotainment.

The economic dislocation that besets journalism as it seeks viable new business models has not diminished its relevance or essential purpose. Someone still needs to uncover corruption, unmask lies and present the world in a meaningful context that people can trust.

A free press is the glue that holds together democracy; neither can exist without the other. As the legendary journalist Joseph Pulitzer said, “Our Republic and its press will rise or fall together.”

Pulitzer’s words were uttered more than a century ago. They represent a belief that guides journalism at NCC as it morphs into new forms for the 21st century.

– Rob Hays, Commuter adviser and journalism program coordinator.

For information, email or call 610-861-4159.