June 3, 2023

Laconic Comes Once a Year

The 20th issue of The Laconic was in full color for the first time! This spring semester is the last one until 2021.

The Laconic is a literary and art magazine that publishes twice a year. Faculty, students, staff and alumni are all welcome to submit any of their work. The club has been run by adviser Michael Pogach, Melissa Koberlein and students.

Pogach is an English Professor and adviser of The Laconic. As of Spring 2020, it will be one year before another issue of The Laconic is published. The decision came when Pogach had confirmed that it wasn’t possible to print two magazines every year.

“It gets exhausting having a small amount of time to get everything ready before publication and with most of the students graduating next semester, it might affect The Laconic and how it’s run,” Pogach says.

Pogach will be taking a sabbatical for the fall semester which is part of the reason he decided to publish The Laconic once a year. 

The Laconic staff would not have any of the original members and that means new students who wouldn’t know the process and minimum time to teach them. Communication professor Melissa Koberlein, the co-adviser of The Laconic will have to take the reins for the fall semester.

“I’m not sure what The Laconic staff would be doing in the fall semester while waiting for the deadline,” Pogach says, “I am hoping to have the publication date before Spring Break.”

Another reason for the change is the new look The Laconic will have after the spring. Faculty members have stopped to talk to Pogach about the new release, specifically how well it has turned out. The Laconic’s issues were usually in black and white but people have liked the full color better.

“We’ve been wanting to do full color for a while,” Pogach says, “since we now can, it’s expensive. So we have to make some sacrifices and changes. The staff has voted that they wanted to continue to do full color, not including the 21st issue.”

Deadline for Spring 2020 is February 28! Submit while you can!

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