June 3, 2023

Level Up: Jumanji

Sequels aren’t always the best but this year was bursting with 25 movie sequels. From the Avengers: End Game to Zombie Land 2, no genre was left untouched this year. Many of the sequels were flops or home runs. Jumanji: The Next Level was one of the movies that were torn between good and bad from a critic’s perspective and the audiences.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Kevin Hart are always a great duo when they co-star together. However, the challenge was raised when Danny Devito and Danny Glover had joined the cast for their second movie. The feud between Johnson and Hart was now being acted upon with Devito and Glover.

This movie is packed with stars but their relationship shines through the movie. Jack Black had made some videos of them spending time together with a Nick Jonas cut out since Jonas was on tour with his brothers. Johnson had also made an Instagram clip of Devito and him crashing a wedding.

The Next Level brought in new characters and challenges that brings out the best of every character but the underlying problems of the real world still follows them into the game. Many of the characters are facing different challenges that looms over them during the game.

Spencer had just started college in New York and realize how cold the city is without any friends. Unable to face any of them, he looks for bravery inside the game. When his friends go to check in on him, they discovered that he had gone into the game. They venture into the game, accidentally bringing in Spencer’s grandfather (Devito) and his grandfather’s friend. Anthony isn’t playing Mouse nor is Spencer Dr. Bravestone. 

There’s a lot of humor and action bursting in The Next Level. The pacing is just slightly quick but it works well with the character development.

Hopefully, they won’t have to return to Jumanji.

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