February 8, 2023

Lost season

Northampton Baseball will have to wait another year for a successor to a very successful 2019 campaign.

Due to current circumstances with the Coronavirus pandemic, all collegiate sports have been canceled until further notice, which can be a major issue for Northampton Community College.

Sophomore players have the option to move on to the next stage of their academic and athletic careers and four of them already committed to play elsewhere. The cycle of players is nothing new for the program though.

“We have close to 25 freshmen and I am going to work hard to retain all of them,” Coach Adrian Yaguez said. “And we also have a strong recruiting class.”

This season was set to follow up the program’s most successful season on the field, with a team record 37 wins and leading the NJCAA in Home Runs with 73.

The season started with a 4-6 record, including a 4-5 spring trip in Myrtle Beach before the season got shut down upon returning.

“Our focus has shifted away from not having a season,” Yaguez said.  “We stay in contact with our players regularly with text messages, email, and phone calls. We are doing our best to check in on a weekly basis and make sure our players – and all of our student-athletes – have the resources available to now handle their classes and course work responsibilities with the transition to remote learning.”

The team, much like others around the world, has decided to put the things they would normally be focusing on to the back of their minds as they move through these unprecedented times. “I feel we are all doing well and like everyone, doing our best to cope with the pandemic,” Yaguez said. “Our primary focus is on the good health and safety of everyone – not our lost season.”

“Time will tell on the impact for next season,” Yaguez said. “My feeling is we will be fine in regards to the immediate future of our program.”

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