December 9, 2022

Musical statements

Northampton Community College’s annual Deja Brew event was held at the new Monroe campus in Tannersville, Bringing back the warm coffee house feel people love. Many of last year’s performers returned to regale the students and staff with their talented vocals.

Anthony Giedman, criminal justice major, sang a cover of “I Can’t Fight this Feeling” with the band Side Arm. Giedman is a part of the Deja Brew committee as well as the Secretary of Student Governance, criminal justice club as the activities coordinator as well as a member of the Anime club.

“Originally Deja Brew was handled by student governance, but other responsibilities came up and Deja Brew was neglected in the process because of the new campus and a lot of other opportunities. They soon gave the Deja Brew Committee its own identity, and I volunteered for the position,” Giedman explained.

William Lawrence, general studies, showed off his piano skills that night. Skills he’s honed since he was a kid. In a recent interview he wanted to express more about himself.

“I love singing and playing piano. Music is my life, never thought I’d come this far, I’m really happy I did though came this far. I’m very humbled, passionate, focused in pursuing my dreams. I’m glad to being around positive people who are like-minded. They actually help keep me forward. I really want to transfer to a music school, like maybe University of arts in Philadelphia, or Julliard,” Lawrence exclaimed.

“Music is all about expression, its all about expressing yourself; when you’re on the stage you aren’t just singing like you don’t feel it, you gotta really feel it. That’s really what it’s all about, that’s how you get feedback. What you put out there bounces back at you and it’s exciting”

Amanda Sanchez, Communications with intentions to transfer to University of Tampa, Florida. Like the others this is her third year, wanting to pursue a career in mass media, TV, radio, MTV, or B.E.T. Sanchez sang a cover of “Break even” by the Script as well as a duet with another student.

“The Deja Brew experience is such an awesome thing because we get to experience other peoples talent; this is my third Deja Brew, and I love it; it’s just as amazing every single time I perform. When I perform, you can really feel the adrenaline when you’re on the stage and its such a rush!” Amanda said during the interview.

Rachael McCluskey, Biological Sciences, sang a collaborative mix of “Love me like you do”, a mix of singing and guitar. According to Giedman it took some heavy debating to get McCluskey to sing at the event, she mentioned this in the interview;

“It’s Definitely a stepping stone. After the first performance I did last semester, I loved the moment and the Deja Brew is great to share other kid’s passions with everybody else in the school. It helps get everyone involved and it’s a nice change from the academic side of the school. It sort of relieves the pressure of going to class all the time,” McCluskey said.

Their passion for music is what drives them, even if it’s just a hobby as they continue and fulfill their career goals. Deja Brew remains one of Northampton’s little gems.

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