December 6, 2022

NCC main campus earns Arboretum status

The Bethlehem Township NCC Campus has received accreditation as a Level I Arboretum by ArbNet. The 208-acre campus is home to over 45 species of trees and shrubs both naturally occurring such as the Staghorn Sumac and intentionally planted varieties such as the Japanese Ornamental Cherry. Each species of trees are tagged with identification plates and include a QR code that can be scanned with a mobile device which will bring up a website with more information on each variety. You can access the website at

The trees span throughout the campus. Students and visitors from the general public are free to roam and encouraged to discover all 47 tags. Some of the trees are right near the main building but others require a short hike to the East 40 beyond the overflow parking area. A few outliers like the 100-year old Boxelder are a treasure to find because they stand on their own away from most foot traffic. Self-guided tours are accessible year-round.

You can pick up a copy of the Arboretum Map on the main campus in Penn Hall. Professor Karen Klein is the director of the Arboretum.

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