December 6, 2022

NCC tunes in with new radio broadcasts

In this era of having the news right at our fingertips, NCC is trying a new, innovative way to help students stay on top of what is going on at the college: Live radio broadcasts.

WNCC, the school’s radio station club, is in charge of airing these broadcasts on a 24-hour loop that began its trial period on iTunes in January of 2013.

Corey McDonough, a 4th semester Radio/TV major, is the president of WNCC and says the broadcasts are “unique in not just how they’re presented but also how there’s always something on.”

“‘It’s not like the average station, all the pieces are student produced,” he said.

“We want to create an open space for people to be creative. Every time you turn on WNCC, there’s always something new,” he said.

McDonough also explains how the station is able to balance professionalism and fun at the same time.

“Producing a show is a lot of work ahead of time. There’s a whole process to it. Once we have the professionalism, we bring in the personalities and fun,” he said.

The broadcasts run club announcements, veteran interviews and student produced and hosted radio shows.

Mikeya Jones, a 3rd semester Radio/TV major who co-hosts a show on the station says that one of the best parts of the broadcasts is not just doing the shows, but who listens to the shows.

“There’s an excitement to it, (and) it’s exciting to know that my family can hear me. It’s easier to be on radio than to perform on stage,” she said.

WNCC has low listenership on iTunes streaming, but through the TuneIn mobile device app the club has listeners as far away as Turkey.

The radio station (WNCC) club meets every Tuesday in room 139 in Communications Hall from 11:00 am -12:00 pm.



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