October 28, 2021

New NCC workshop series to benefit student parents

Dalairis Amaro, Deidra Lamont and Taylor Harrigan have been awarded one of 11 nationwide campus action grants from the American Association of University Women to launch the Parents Achieve Success Now, or PASNOW, workshop series at NCC.

“The research topic was about college mothers in which Dolly, Taylor and I created a proposal to fulfill that topic,” Lamont, an Early Education major, said. “With this we were in the process to apply for this specific grant in hopes to benefit student parents.”

Lucky for them, their vision was noticed and they were awarded a grant to launch PASNOW, a workshop that helps parents with children by addressing barriers and providing resources to parents to help them graduate.

“Any dream can be achieved if you believe in yourself. Make it happen,” said Lamont.

“I want to bridge that gap between success and failure for them [student parents]. Despite not being a parent, I am a huge activist on women’s rights and equality. I want to attend law school to practice family law and mediation focused on women’s rights so, to me, this is the first building block in a career of championing for women and equality,” said Amaro, a Communication Studies major. 

Amaro isn’t the only one taking their work personally.

“I gravitate toward any opportunity to help,” said Lamont. “I have been enjoying this leadership position and I hope that the workshop has been beneficial to those that are attending.”

Anyone is welcome to attend these PASNOW workshops that include free food and prizes.

Free child care is provided as well.

Email PASSNOWNCC@nullgmail.com to reserve your child’s spot and for more information on the workshops.

The PASNOW schedule is as follows:

NCC Main Campus, Room CC292, 11 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. 

3/6   ” Is My Child Normal?”

4/3   “The Balancing Act

4/24  “You Matter!”  

NCC Monroe Campus, Room 159 (condensed versions) 11 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. 

3/4 ” Is My Child Normal?” and “The Daycare Dilemma”

4/1 “The Balancing Act” and “You Matter!”

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