NCC starts their weeks by cutting the meat

If you could cut out any part of your usual diet on Mondays, what would it be? At NCC, students have the option to trim an important part of most diets — meat. That is the basis of the Meatless Monday program that caters to the vegan and vegetarian populations at the school. Meatless Monday…

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Giving the flu the cold shoulder

You have a runny nose, a cough, chills and feel the start of a fever. These are all signs that point to the flu. The flu season is known to peak in January and February and with the semester work starting to build up, most cannot afford to be ill. The first step that can…

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DC’s Newseum gets it write

It takes four hours to get from Bethlehem to Washington, D.C., not including rest stops. The drive is scenic and long — until you reach Washington when suddenly the trip seems even longer as you navigate through the traffic snarls.Parking is atrocious. Trying to park a mini-bus is not easy. Parking meters are not run…

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