December 8, 2022

Phi Theta Kappa induction ceremony

At the end of the semester, Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society and Psi Beta: The National Honor Society in Psychology, inaugurated several students into their prestigious program at the NCC Monroe campus, further maintaining the five-star rating they’ve kept since 2005.

These students represented the best of the PTK, with goals of providing an intellectual climate for an exchange of Ideals, to learn about the world outside the books and outside the school grounds.  “You don’t go to college to get a job, you go to college to get an education, and you don’t get an education to get a job, you go to college to find where in this world you fit in” said one of the speakers during the opening remarks.

The event went off without a hitch. Inductees each received a flower and a lit candle as they went through the process. Shortly after the induction Christopher Doolittle, an alumni of NCC, had a riveting speech about perseverance and recognizing the importance of college. Not just going and doing the work, but to gain something from the experience itself.

Photo courtesy Tracey Goode.
Photo courtesy Tracey Goode.

In a final closing statement the Associate Dean of the Monroe Campus, Dr. Hazel Fisher, had a wonderful speech about eloquence and articulation of language through the use of the old tale Charlotte’s Web.

All in all the PTK and Psi Beta representatives displayed the kind of respectful five-star event a person would expect from them.

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