March 25, 2023

Planting the seed

William Hudders, Art professor and painter will be featuring one of his art pieces in the Spring Group Show at Schmidtberger Fine Art in Frenchtown, New Jersey.

The opening of the show will be held on April 11 at four pm and will continue until eight that evening.

Titled “Plant with Window”, Hudders art piece that will be on display is a 58″ x 54” oil on canvas piece.

“To paint is for me to investigate the nature and relation of visual appearances. What I am trying to create is not just a representational image, but rather an interpretation of representation, filtered through the medium of paint. The act of translating this information is a process that reflects and comments on a rich variety of sensations and experiences. A successful painting seems to me to lead the viewer into something like a dream world, similar to what we know, but inherently different. It is this similarity and difference, simultaneously, that I am searching for in my paintings,” Hudders stated on the Schmiddtberger website.

When asked what advice he would give to individuals aspiring to become well known artists, he explains:

“I think to be a successful artist it is a good idea to show your work in as many places as possible. I did this in the beginning of my career and it brought my work to the attention of people who would not have seen it otherwise.”

When working on a piece his methods are direct and precise.

“All the work I do is done from direct observation. I do not use cameras or assistants.”

You can see more of William Hudders work on his website at

Other artists that will be featured at the event include Emily Steinberg, Ellen Sapienza, Dick De Groot, John Schmidtberger, Corinne Lalin and Kerstin Engman. Light Refreshments will be served as well.


Schmidtberger Fine Art

10 Bridge St.

Frenchtown, New Jersey

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