June 3, 2023

Playing with Knives: ‘Knives Out’ Movie Review

A movie filled with so much star power is usually doomed to fail. However, ‘Knives Out’ brought a slight new twist to the drama thriller.

The movie was done well. It had a lot of twists and turns, leaving audience in suspense as to what happened to Harlan Thrombey. Audiences were left with more questions as the movie progresses even with answers being shown as the movie went on. It’s a mystery one can’t simply blame the butler for.

Marta Caberera was Harlan Thrombey’s personal nurse but they both admitted her job was more of a friendship. Harlan got lonely and Marta kept him company, she was practically part of the family as Harlan and his family would say. When the movie begins, Marta discovers Harlan’s body in his private room where he had slit his own throat. Marta and the rest of the Thrombey family are investigated by the police. The only people who were in the same house as him when his death occurred. His death was no longer being looked as suicide, it was now a homicide case.

The decision was made because of a letter that had arrived at Detective Benoit Blanc’s house. The letter had no instructions just cash and a news clipping about Harlan’s death. The audience are met with a long list of characters, all family members of Harlan. All who had something against him or would gain from his death. All except Marta who was overlooked as a suspect because of her inability to lie. Every time she lies, she throws up. A superpower in Detective Blanc’s eyes and a perfect assistant to help him uncover the truth about what happened to Halan.

The movie paces itself well, even for a 2 hour and 10 minute long movie. Most movies this long or even longer, have unnecessary scenes. ‘Knives Out’ scenes are essential and important to understand the movie as a whole. Every time new information is given, it helps to understand the story more clearly and understand each person’s reaction.

Can you guess who the killer is?

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