August 7, 2020

Poem: The Dying Valley

In ancient days long passed

A valley once stood on the Earth

Where the trees sweetly bloomed

Before the dreadful dearth…



A titanic pond made its home

In this once-vibrant vale

No later came the dark famine

Leaving all the tree bark pale


Darkness desecrated the pond waters

Darkness drained away all beautiful life

And in its place, the Tree of Apathy grew

Sowing depression, mistrust, and strife


And so the drought-scorched greenery

And the murky pond would cry

“Father! Why have you deserted me?

Why have you left me here to die?”


The Father was always there, watching

He watched the vale separate itself from Him

But He knew, it was only a matter of time

Before the vale would draw closer, back to Him


And in that time, He sent a humble child

To sow the seeds of true life and true love

And with some simple words of encouragement

A single raindrop fell from above


It landed in the green pool

Of death and shadow

Where it seemed outnumbered

By both disease and mosquito


But in a flash, those seeds churned the dead pond

Right before the Father’s all-seeing eyes

And evolved it into a flowing, lively stream

So beyond natural, so beyond a surprise


Where did the stream go, you might ask?

It crossed paths with the river that flows from Calvary’s Tree

And from the trickles and splashes,

One could hear the words, “He is alive in me.”

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