September 19, 2021

Quadfest shattered records as students stormed the quad

Featuring food, music and events; Quadfest rang in the new school year.

On Aug. 25, Northampton Community College welcomed students with their annual Quadfest, which promoted participation in campus life. The festival gave students the opportunity to sign up for clubs on campus.

Glenda Lauray, a third-semester Business Administration major chaired the Quadfest committee and planned the event during the summer.

“[Quadfest] was a new challenge definitely, but everyone on the Student Senate Council were willing to help me wherever I needed.”

With more than 2,000 students in attendance, 70 college organizations and 20 non-profit groups recruiting, this Quadfest was the largest yet.

Festivities began with a parade and ribbon-cutting ceremony to commemorate the completed renovations to the College Center. Afterward, students began to dance, eat and scout the extracurricular opportunities available.
The festival featured several attractions including a Sky Fall Stunt Jump, a pie-eating contest and a pair of alpacas.

Music was provided by NCC alumnus DJ Stevie Blatz who accepted requests as Sodexo Food Service provided a picnic lunch for the crowd.

While students considered their potential club options, the main stage prepared for its pie-eating contest with a drone awarded to the winner. As competitors endured their gastronomical challenge, they were spurred on by emcee Omar McGill.

Phi Theta Kappa Tau Gamma Chapter President Hunter Runge said that more than 50 students signed up for her chapter during Quadfest.

“With the amount of people there, it definitely seemed the same as last year. Quadfest always ropes in a large number of people.”

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