September 27, 2022

Released emotions and release parties

The Student Life Zone lit up with laughs and lyrics as The Laconic hosted a low-key open mic night on March 21.

“I was really happy with how many people performed, and reperformed, because they felt that confidence boost,” magazine Co-Editor Annisa Amatul Muqtadir said.

“You can write poetry, but to take that poetry and give it to the world – it’s like steps,” Muqtadir said. “Step one, sit down and gather my thoughts. Step two, write out those thoughts. Step three, ‘what do I do with them?’ You may just keep in a drawer, locked away, or you can let it out and see how other people take it in.”

With more than 50 people in attendance, the stage welcomed musicians, rappers, poets and comedians to shine under the stage lights.

“There were a couple people who weren’t used to getting up on the stage,” said Laconic Editor-in-Chief Sarah Tyler, “But that vulnerability made some of those performances the strongest and the rawest to me because you could tell they were letting us into something so intimately part of them. I felt so grateful and blessed for that.”

The literary magazine staff provided performers with free food and fun for the night. In return, they asked for donations toward the prizes for winning submissions.

“The Laconic had a lot of strong submissions this semester. Last semester, we did not spend nearly as long debating which piece should be our artistic win and which piece should be our literature win,” Tyler said.

“Everyone was so passionate about different pieces. Even though it took longer, and threw our schedules off a bit, I was glad because that means we’re getting more quality submissions and more passionate about them.”

Besides the five officer positions, general members are also allowed to vote for the winning submissions and offer ideas toward future changes.

Both Tyler and Muqtadir encouraged students to participate in the club or events in the future.

“Something else we started this year was having an email list,” Tyler said. “Whether or not you submit to The Laconic, if you just want to come to the Laconic events – or know what’s going on and when to support us – you can be on an email list and keep updated regularly about that.”

Tyler also offered advice for students that may have a passion for writing, but fear of sharing their work.

“If you are nervous or not sure of what to do with your work or how to submit, you can email The Laconic at Also, we had a writing workshop earlier in the semester and some people come to that to share their work and get feedback.”

“If you can’t make it to a writing workshop, share with your peers. Practice reading in front of your roommate, parents, or your friends. Once you read it out loud, it’s easier to do it the next time, and find more of a style or rhythm to your own writing.”

On April 11, The Laconic will showcase these individual styles and rhythms with a release party for this semester’s magazine at 11 a.m. in College Center 114. The release party will combine food, music and published poetry readings. Artists are encouraged as well to bring their work or printed photos of it.

“We want the writers and artists to be the speakers. We’re going to have the magazines out for people to get the first copies,” Muqtadir said. “We really want people to come, interact with each other, and exchange poetry and artist ideas to really let that beautiful work speak for itself.”

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