December 6, 2022

Returning Writer: Abigail Michelini

The NCC Literary Magazine, The Laconic held its first series of Returning Writers. This event invites NCC alumni back to discuss their success in being published.

Abigail Michelini is the first guest of the series, she is a former student and adjunct professor of NCC. Michelini opened up about the poetry she has written that is personal to her as well as the poetry research she has been doing for a thesis paper.

She read poems about love, death, recollection, and joy. These poems caused people in the audience to feel her emotions for her pieces. She also shared poems that weren’t about her. 

Michelini has done a Poetic Participant that honors the participant’s exact voice and words. 

She has done research about the 2016 political views from both Democrats and Republicans. Her thesis paper is about how people react differently about the positives to someone else’s perspective when done in poetry.

She had read three poems about Trump supporters and three poems about anti-Trump individuals. She got the idea when she realized that many people she knew were Trump supporters and how she thought of them to be the nicest people. This gave people a new perspective and an open mind to other’s point of view.

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