December 9, 2022

Safe Space on Campus

Feb 17 marks the first ever “Safe Space Day” at Northampton; an event which aims to promote equality on campus.

“The purpose of Safe Space is to create a community where all people feel welcome,” said Kate Yarbrough, Disability Services.

NCC staff can choose to sign up for a one hour training session as part of the Safe Space program.

Those who do will receive a placard to display on their desk or door, indicating a place where students can go to discuss issues.

“Our mission is to have many support staff, faculty and professionals working with students,” she added.

Students may stop by the College Center lobby on the Main Campus between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. on 2/17 for more information and freebies from the Human Rights Campaign.

“Realizing the time and effort involved doesn’t deter us, we are up to the challenge,” said Yarbrough, adding that the NCC committee behind Safe Space hopes to introduce the concept to other Pennsylvania colleges and universities in the future.

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