June 4, 2023

Slatington man who shot at cigar store employee, after refusing to wear a mask, wanted for attempted murder

Photograph published by Bethlehem Township Police to Facebook

A Slatington man is wanted for attempted murder after firing shots at a cigar store employee, said the Bethlehem Township Police Department. The man was identified as Adam Michael Zaborowski, 35, by investigators.

Friday, shortly after 11 a.m., Zaborowski entered Cigars International Superstore, located at 4078 Nazareth Pike (Route 191) in Bethlehem Township, less than two miles from Northampton Community College. Zaborowski was not wearing a protective mask, in defiance of the store’s policy and the current statewide coronavirus prevention mandate.

An employee asked Zaborowski to leave the store if he refused to wear a mask while inside. Zaborowski then grabbed two cigars from a shelf and left the building without paying, according to the statement issued by Bethlehem Township Police.

The employee followed Zaborowski out of the store to the parking lot. That is when Zaborowski turned around wielding a semiautomatic handgun, which he fired into the air and then at the employee, the report said. A patron of the store was also in the line of fire. No injuries were reported.

Zaborowski fled in a blue Dodge Dakota pick-up truck with a Pennsylvania license plate, ZLY-6443.

“Zaborowski was identified by investigators and charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault, robbery and reckless endangerment. Due to prior offenses, he was also charged with persons prohibited to possess a firearm. Bethlehem Township Police currently possess an arrest warrant for his arrest,” Bethlehem Township Police stated.

Police warn that Zaborowski is believed to be armed and dangerous. The report also indicated he could possibly be in Slatington, Allentown or Bethlehem, municipalities he frequents.

“Anyone who may know his whereabouts is asked to dial 911. Anyone with additional information is asked to contact Investigator Fox at efox@nullbethlehemtwp.com or 610-419-9646,” the police statement concluded.

Cigars International Superstore confirmed that no one was hurt and that the store remained open for business after the shooting, in a Facebook post.

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