September 27, 2021

Social media, the college trend that is only just beginning

A recent student survey says that YouTube is the most useful social media platform for the NCC student body.

Fifty students were asked to rank 10 social media platforms on how useful each platform is to them. The platforms were Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pintrest, LinkedIn, Flickr, Tumblr, BlogSpot, and YouTube.

The ranking scale used was: 1 for no use, 2 for some useful, and 3 for always useful.

Youtube gained a 24 percent approval from students who took this survey. Which was the highest of the survey, “I like to watch funny videos,” including psychology major Toniann McCerlean. He said, “I’m able to get updates on what’s popular, too.”

Toniann’s favorite YouTube channel is the Magic of Rahat. Rahat Hossain creator of the Magic of Rahat is one of millions of “vloggers” that use Youtube to post videos.

Coming in second is Facebook with a 15% useful rating and closely followed by Twitter with a 11 percent.

With print and television media down, social media has become more of a go to, says Cynthia Tortinni, a writer for NCC’s Office of Public Information.

According to the official NCC Facebook page, there is 9,297 likes and 2,527 on the NCC Official Twitter account.

“The same degree of activity takes place on each account [Facebook and Twitter],” said Katherine Knoll, of Northampton Now. “Each platform serves a different purpose.”

“Twitter has become more of a quick blurb for up-to-the-second information,” Knoll said. “Facebook is more of a place where you share your weekend getaway.”

Looking ahead in continuing trends in communication, creative ways to pass on information will be necessary to compete in any industry.


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