December 6, 2022

Spring Laconic release showcases literary talents


Creativity spread throughout the room as contributors of The Laconic shared their work in celebration of the release of NCC’s literary and arts magazine.

The 2018 Spring edition of The Laconic is composed of art, photography and creative writing from the hearts of the students featured in it.

During this year’s release party, the Laconic Spring 2018 Student Submission Contest Winners were announced, with the “Best Of” art going to S.C. Knight, and “Best Of” literary going to Heather Gil.

The woman who created the cover art for this issue, Healthcare Office Coordinator Suzanna Tamm, explained her inspiration and reasoning behind the look.

“I felt like I needed to get out, so I went for a walk,” Tamm said. “It was a beautiful scene. I played around with photoshop to get that purple color that really pops out.”

If students were willing, they were able to read their work to the audience, like Jai-Lynn Rouse, who acted out her poem, provoking emotions from all who listened.  

“Her love pulls me like the moon pull the ocean,” said Rouse, as she read her poem Daydream. “She is the look of longing of unfocused eyes.”

After speaking to some of the contributors, most expressed not only how excited they were for their work to be published, but also how surprising it was for them as well.

“It’s really cool that my work was put into this,” General Studies major Kiersten Krause said. “I really didn’t expect it. It was a nice surprise.”

Fine Arts major Tania DeJesus also commented on how she felt about her work being published in The Laconic.

“This was the first time I’ve had my poetry published,” DeJesus said. “I wasn’t really expecting to get my working put in, so it made me really happy to achieve such an accomplishment like getting my work put in.”

For future contributors, the deadline for the Fall 2018 issue is September 28, and works can be submitted to The Laconic at


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