June 3, 2023

Students, staff ready for new residence hall complex

Ground was broken for the new residence halls last May. Since then, resident students have been living next door to an active construction zone. This will soon result in a new residence hall and new opportunities for NCC students and faculty.

With an increase in residential applications, program growth, an outstanding reputation and being the only community college in Pennsylvania with on-campus housing, campus officials found it necessary to expand the residence halls.

The soon to come “expanded residential complex” will more than double the current number of students living on campus.The new residence halls will also double the number of student and professional jobs. Between the new and current building, over 600 students will be living on campus starting in the Fall semester of 2015.

“We are really trying to express the excitement of it. There’s an opportunity for many new students,” Janelle Howey, Director of Housing and Residence Life stated.

The new complex will allow for a more “traditional feel”, allowing students to live on campus like a four year university, but at a two year community college price.

“Most students will tell you that there is more of a traditional residence hall feel. Living here is very similar to being at other schools. The major difference is that some schools have thousands of student living on campus. We have a much smaller population. We are also the only community college in the state who has housing, which is incredibly exciting. It provides the students with a really awesome opportunity to go to a community college and be able to still have that experience of living on campus,” Howey explained.

The main goal NCC staff wants to achieve is to create a “living and learning” experience for students.

“Our hope is that you’re not just living there, but through our interaction with faculty we hope that students will grow their personal skills, including conflict resolution, responsibility and community living,” Howey explained.

Some changes in the new building include single-person rooms, the opportunity for in-county students to reside and a full scale dining hall that will connect all residence hall buildings.

The new residence hall complex is not all that is changing on campus this year. Touchups including new paint and furniture will take place over the summer in the original residence halls. The campus is also working on addressing lighting concerns on the walkways leading from the main building to the residence halls.

There are currently less than 15 parking spaces available near the apartment complex, forcing resident students to park by Hartzel and Alumni Halls until construction is concluded.

As of February of this year, Petrucci Construction Company are ahead of schedule. Students will be able to move into the new residence halls for the summer two semester of 2015.

Students can apply online and get information on pricing at www.northampton.edu/housing. It is recommended that students interested fill out their FAFSA application no later than Feb 28.

There are no plans to add more apartments at this time.


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